Hi, everyone.  I want to apologize for suddenly dropping off the face of the earth!

I’m making this post from the library; my poor computer has taken a turn for the worse and I don’t have the funds to fix it right now!  So, all is well with me, but it looks like this blog is stalled for now.

I’m sorry, I’ll try and be back as soon as I can!  This was fun. :)



Day 13.

making banana smoothies for breakfast in my blender!!  sooo good… my recipe is really simple. :)

1 banana

1 cup of milk (or ice cream if you want a milkshake-type drink)

1/2 cup plain yogurt

YUM!!!  sometimes i’ll add strawberry yogurt instead of plain for a more strawberry-banana taste.

what a lovely weekend… this is the first time in a while we’ve been able to leave the doors and windows open and welcome the balmy air into our house!  spring, please come soon!! :)

Day 10.

i will confess; today has not been the best day.  i was having some money worries (as most of us are lately) and just extremely down and out.  as i left to do some errands, i thought to myself in the car, “today i will just post that there was nothing happy today and it was a failure.”

but as i got down the road… the sun was out, it was warming up (i had my windows down!), people were friendly wherever i went… i thought to myself, “i’m going to have a great day regardless!”  i figured, regardless of whether bad things are happening or not, i can choose to be sad and depressed, or i can choose to be happy and enjoy what’s out there.

it’s HARD to choose to be happy though, when so much is going on that can worry you endlessly.  but if i hadn’t i would have missed a beautiful day by staying inside moping.  i got outside, enjoyed going around town, had a nice little lunch, then sat out on my deck with my laptop and enjoyed the birds flitting around in the reeds in my backyard.  it really was great. :)  i feel refreshed and ready to take on the new challenges that are trying to get in my way!

i hope you all had something happy this friday, too. <3  post it here; remembering the good stuff makes you smile. :)

Day 9.

having a fantastic hair day!!!  somehow that just makes everything that much better!

Day 8.

coming home to find my absolute favorite magazine in the mailbox waiting for me, the sun! yessssss!!

Day 7 (belated).

i forgot to post yesterday! aaahhh!  i was so busy :)

but — i took a wonderful hot bath right before bed!  that’s definitely my happy thing.